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Injection Molding & Assembly


We will be your long-term business partner in mold maker market, here is our advantage:
>>Experience:  Was started up mold shop in Guangdong in 1997, Over 18 years mold exporting  experience & mold engineering management, you can trust our ability.
>>Technology:  Continually training employees & improving process, Learning & practising latest technology to enhance our productivity, Meantime we have furnished with advanced equipment such as high-speed CNC machine, wire cut machine & electrical discharge machine, and Erowa system.
>>Workmanship: to ensure good quality parts from good mold, We have committed to employing dedicated, experienced designers and mold makers, focus on each  process.
 Rich Experience + Latest Technology & Innovation + excellent workmanship to ensure all of our molds are built on time, on budget and most importantly to specification.
Capacity: ◆Custom mold making ◆unscrewing mold ◆gas-injection mold ◆2-shot mold, range from small mold up to 20T big mold; injection machine tonage from 50T up to 550T.
Industry served: industries of Automotive, Electrical Household, Mobile phone and Medicine Instrument, Home product, Industry product.
Reliable: All international steels available with original certification, provide high quality mold to Europe customer with HASCO / DME standard.




Product Design: To save time and cost for customer, our engineering team provide complete product design from concept to finish part
Mold design: “Mold made for high efficient production with shortest cycle time, stable condition” is our design mission.
1. Analysis part construction, use scientific method to calculate cycle time. optimize perfect cooling channels before start cutting steel.
2. Using special hard steel. and self-lubricated component for moving mechanisms (Slider, lifter, hydraulic system…etc.) to ensure running at Min. cycle time with good quality.
3. All molds are carefully designed according to customer tooling standard (HASCO, DME or specified), to maximize tool life and easy maintain during production.

Experienced, full-service design and engineering department
Pro/Engineering, Catia, Unigraphics 3D design software
MastCam, Unigraphic CAD/CAM system for Machining
IGES/STEP/DXF/Parasolid conversion capability



" Good quality control under each process" our team keeps in mind always.

>> Quality control for every tooling process from design to  delivery.

>> Implement process optimization and monitoring, conduct complete control for every manufacturing stage. Ensure the project CAN meet customer specification and exceed customer's expectation.

>> Employees with rich experience and professional training,advanced machining and inspection equipments, qualified supplier and perfect quality assurance system will guarantee each part to be traced to related person and machine from design to delivery.

>> SPC evaluation procedure.CPK/CMK as well as PPAP on demand
>> Process monitoring Continuously.
>> Conformance to ISO9001:2008.



1.> Mold testing: optimize and verify every mold before it is qualified for shipment. Using the latest scientific molding process( Gate freezen off analysis, Filling balance analysis,etc.) our proffessinal molding engineer to analyze every step of the injection molding process to assist in debugging and qualifying the molds.

2.>Molding production: molding facility has the capacity that allows us to meet the strict timing requirements of production runs ,service customer with low volume, high quality; high volume, high quality.

3.>Assembly: we provide complete service for your product, include painting, printing,assembly, package till finish product.





Mold factory

Machine Type Brand & specification Original Quantities
CNC LiCheng,VMC-1580 TaiWan 1 set
LiCheng,VMC-850 1 set
LiCheng,DM-600 2 sets
LiTZ,CV-1000 2 sets
LiTZ,DV-800 2 sets
XianFeng,VL-750 1 set
EDM  Spark&sodick,AM3LS  BeiJing 2 sets
Mitsubishi,EA8M  Japan 2 sets
Mitsubishi,EA12DM 1 set
CREATOR  TaiWan 5 sets
Sureda,SR-435/D  3 sets
Sureda,SR-540/D 1 set
Sureda,SR-700/D 2 sets
Sureda,ZNC-435 1 set
Sureda,SR-435/D 1 set
Milling ACCURATE,HS-500 TaiWan 1 set
YuHen,RAMBO   SM-3 6 sets
ACCURATE,ATC-1300 1 set
 GUANKUN,3# 2 sets
 LiCheng,3# 2 sets
 LiCheng,5# 2 sets
Grinding DaYo,M7125 TaiWan 1 set
 Kent,KGS-306AH 1 set
 Kent,KGS-250 2 sets
 LiCheng,JX-614 2 sets
SEEDTEC 8 sets
 DaTong,SGM-450  Japan  1 set
Fitting Machine ShiYi,LS-120  China 1 set
Slow Wire Sodick,AD360LS  Japan 1 set
Sodick,AG400L 2 sets
Wire-Cut  GuanQiu,DK7732  China 1 set
 GuanQiu,DK7740 1 set
 GuanQiu,DK7763 1 set
 GuanQiu,DK7780 1 set
Lathe  NaiHai,C6140A  China 1 set
Drill  HongChang,HC-900DS  China 1 set
Sawing  QuanWei,UE-712A  China 1 set 

injection molding factory

Machine Type Brand & specification Original Quantities
Injection Machine FANUC,S-2000i-50A  Japan 2 sets
FANUC,S-2000i-150A 2 sets
HaiTian,MA90-1000  China 7 sets
Manipulator STAR CZ500/700  Japan 11 sets
Drier SHINI SHD-25/50 TaiWan 12 sets
Temperature controller SHINI STM-607W/1220pw 12 sets
Suction machine KAWATA  SSM0287   Japan 12 sets

Quality inspection center

Machine Type Brand & specification Original Quantities
Three dimensional measuring SEREIN,TANGO 8106+F Sweden 1 set
ZEISS Germany 1 set
Image measurement  SEREIN,SVM LITE 3020 Sweden 1 set
Altimeter Nikcn  Japan 3 sets
Mitutoyo,ID-CI150MXB 2 sets
600M Altimeter Mitutoyo  Japan 1 set
YVM VMS-3020  China 1 set
Melt indexer KunLun  China 1 set