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Qualification for BMW molds
Qualification for BMW molds

Peguform as one of largest car components manufactuer in the world, it's our greate opportunity to strive for this mold.

As other reason, customer not satisfied with quality from old tool maker, and it take long time for improvement, later we get this urgent order, it's 1000 X 800 X 950MM big tool for BMW car, use 1.2343 hard steel, we must have good parts within 30days.

When we face this urgent order, all of our team member work for 24H/days, 7days/week, we focus on each step of mold making, meantime Peguform have come our factory to check actual progress.

After 30days working, We finaly get exceed expected quality part,

" Eastar Tech is good mold maker even if his facility is same as 30 years ago in germany,but their working spirit , expirence is exceed our expected" Mr. Manfred Schaefer said.

"Your hardworking style impress me!" Mr. Hansreiner Haueise say,Vice President ChinaOperations of Peguform.

It's our greate pleasure for us to provide sevice for top customer, meantime we learn we exist lots of defects, keep improving, we must do it better for future project!!!

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