Requirest For Quote      

Requirest For Quote

Thank you for considering Eastar Tech and giving us the
opportunity to prepare a quote for your project.
Please send us drawing or samples along with specification,requirement.

1. Email or Fax drawings:
Email to

+ 86 769 8509 8699

Fax: + 86 769 8507 0899

2. If your file is big than 50M, Please UPLOAD your file to our FTP Site. Please send an e-mail or call to notify us so that we can provide you with login instructions and details.

3. Send samples or CDs directly to us at the following address:
Eastar Tech Industrial Co.,Ltd 
Add: No.1,Mingyi Road,Wusha disctrict, 
Changan Town,Dongguan,China
Your RFQ will be got quick feedback within 1 day.